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Electrical Machines Book for GATE/PSU/ESE – By Ankit Goyal, AIR 1 (EE)

Which is the most important subject of an Electrical Engineer’s life? Did I heard, Electrical Machines?


So here we are with an initiative in the form of a book which will let you know how to tackle Electrical Machines with ease.

This is the first book in the series of subject-wise books by Kreatryx. Through this book you can get to have quality concepts along with ample of practice problems so that you can master in subject like Electrical Machines.

I know that the biggest issue faced by students these days is comprehending the typical language used in standard books.

Therefore, we have made sure that language used in this book is simple enough to understand

What is one of the most important thing that you need when you are preparing for an exam and you generally don’t get much of it?

TIME. Yes, and there is always shortage of time when you are preparing for competitive exams.

The aim of this book is to eliminate the need of standard books for competitive exams as the time is limited in any exam and in that limited time you have to become proficient in different subjects.

So I feel there was always a need of such a book which can provide in-depth concepts as well as provide problems for practice.

Some of the features of this book are topic-wise solved examples and topic wise practice problems as well as level wise exercises at the end of chapter.

The most noticeable thing is that we have also highlighted important points that one has to remember in every topic so that subject never feels too bulky.


electrical machines book

How to study Electrical Machines from this Book?

The best way to use this book would be to go through the theoretical aspects of any topic and then learn from solved examples as to how to attempt problems based on a particular topic.

Then you can go through the practice problems given under that topic and upon completion of chapter you must solve the practice problems at end of chapter.

We have made sure that all topics and all types of problems are covered from basic to advanced level.

What all topics are covered in this book?

This book covers all the topics asked in GATE and ESE which are Transformer, Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion, DC Machines, Synchronous Machines and Induction Machines.

Another important thing is that we have made sure that we have explained all the pre-requisites before starting with core
of subject such as Dot Convention, Electro-Magnetic Theory and Electrical Materials. So no need to worry when it comes to pre-requisite.

“I am really proud of my team who gave wings to my dreams and made it possible for me to serve aspirants better. I would like to thank my student Nikhil Ranjan who has worked hard to complete this book on time and Mr. Naveen Sardar who is a data entry operator at Kreatryx and has worked odd hours with me to realize this dream.
At last I hope that this book fulfills your expectations and deepens your understanding of the subject. I hope you enjoy reading this book and learn a lot from it.” – Ankit Goyal.

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Electrical Machines by Ankit Goyal (Book Sample)



Q1) How is this book different from KONCEPT?

Ans) This book is different from the koncept book as it has much more detailed theory and many more solved examples. Also we have given chapter exercises where you can practice problems immediately after learning a concept.
Ans) This book contains questions which are different from previous years as well as koncept books. The questions are aimed at covering each and every concept in Machines from exam point of view. The questions are segregated in different levels from basic to advanced.
Q3) How many EXAMS are COVERED by reading this book?
Ans) This book aims to cover all exams like GATE, ESE, Civil Services, SSC-JE etc from both theory and numerical point of view.
Q4) How is this book different from other competitive books in the market?
Ans) This book aims at eliminating the requirement of standard book to cover this vast subject. By studying through this book you can effectively utilise your time as this book is not at all time consuming.

Happy Learning and All the best!

Ankit Goyal
Co-Founder at Kreatryx
(GATE-2014 AIR-1, GATE-2018 AIR-1)

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